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Aikang MedTech Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in medical equipment and in vitro diagnostic reagents product, integrating production, sales and after-sales service. Aikang has four platforms of ELISA analyzer, blood group, chemiluminescence and POCT, and is committed to providing high-quality products and professional services to clinical testing institutions such as hospitals and blood stations.

Aikang insists on independent innovation, focus on importance to customer needs, and provides customers with high quality products and experience. The company is committed to the medical cause of the Chinese nation, and provides a full range of medical solutions covering clinical immunodiagnostic equipment, sample processing and storage equipment, and in vitro diagnostic reagents for the national medical and health institutions.

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Main Business

At the same time of rapid development, Aikang keeps up with the pace of The Times and constantly expands new fileds. At present, it has constructed four business segments.

The company has two subsidiaries, Aikang Diagnostics Co., Ltd., and Aisikang MedTech Co., Ltd. with three major fields products, including automatic medical equipment, IVD reagents and medical plastic consumables. Aikang independently developed and produced fully automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument, automatic chemiluminescence analyzer, automatic blood group analyzer and other products, and obtained more than 40 automatic medical equipment registration certificates. Aikang Diagnostics independently developed and produced IVD diagnostic reagents, based on chemiluminescence method, fluorescence chromatography, colloidal gold method, microcolumn gel method and other technology platforms, products cover infectious diseases, sex hormones, thyroid function, inflammation, tumor, cardiovascular, blood group and other fields. Aisikang has independently developed and produced more than 20 kinds of medical plastic consumables, such as sample tips, 96-well microplates and plastic cards.

Based on China and the world, Aikang has always been committed to building a medical biology industrialization base with independent innovation core technology and international competitiveness.


  • 2003-05:Establishment of the company, into the field of medical automation

    2003-09:The first domestic blood group analyzer

  • 2005-05:The first domestic automatic ELISA analyzer

  • 2010-12:The first domestic plate automatic blood group analyzer

  • 2011-12:Awarded the title of "National High-tech Enterprise"

  • 2013-04:The first domestic gel card automatic blood group analyzer

    2013-08:Aikang Diagnostics Co., Ltd. was established to develop and produce reagents

  • 2014-02:The first domestic automatic whole blood component separator and plasma quick freezing machine

  • 2017-06:The laboratory testing line has been successfully developed and marched into the diagnostic reagent industry

  • 2018-04:Blood group testing reagent was successfully launched, opening a new chapter in reagent industry

    2018-05:Established Aisikang MedTech Co., Ltd. to carry out the R&D and production of supporting consumables

  • 2019-01:POCT chemiluminescence and fluorescence immunoreagents were successfully marketed

  • 2020-01:Chemiluminescence reagents such as sex hormone and thyroid function have been successfully marketed

    2020-04:Awarded the Guangdong Provincial Quality Credit 2019 Class A Medical Device Manufacturer

    2020-07:Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center of Intelligent Equipment for Blood Testing

    2020-09:Excellent domestic medical equipment (automatic blood group analyzer, automatic enzyme immunoassay analyzer, plate chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzer 3 platforms 18 devices were selected)

  • 2021-06: Launch the world’s first laboratory automation line specially for blood station.

  • 2022-09: Launch the Automated Platelet Antibody Analyzer

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