AiNP 96

Nucleic Acid Extraction System

Realize automation of nucleic acid extraction

Product introduction

AiNP 96 Nucleic Acid Extraction System adopts magnetic bead separation technology, and it can automatically complete the whole process of nucleic acid extraction including lysis, adsorption, cleaning, washing and recycling etc. The fully-automated processing improves the stability of test results.

Performance and features

  • 01


    Highly automation

    The whole nucleic acid extraction process is completed by the instrument automatically without manual operation

  • 02


    High throughput

    Based on the classical magnetic particle separation method, 96 samples can be completed at one time

  • 03


    High precision sampling

    Pneumatic displacement sampling, double liquid level detection, capacitive liquid level detection and pressure clot detection have a wide detection range to ensure accurate control of the liquid sampling process

  • 04


    Easy to operate

    Windows system, graphical, intuitive, simple, easy to learn and operate